There is not one Turkish student out of 29 people in this Chemistry Department.

There is not one Turkish student among 29 people in the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Kafkas University (KAU). Faculty dean Prof. Dr. Reminding that the faculty of science and literature was established in 1992, Haydar Yüksek said that the chemistry and biology departments started to admit students in 1993-1994.

Stating that there are 334 thousand 2 students, 430 of whom are graduate students and 2 thousand 764 are undergraduate students, Yüksek said, “Education continues in the departments of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. In our social departments, education continues in almost every department, including Georgian Language and Literature.”

Highlighting that they have had some problems in terms of student preference in science departments in recent years, Yüksek said:

“Unfortunately, no students were admitted to our physics, biology and mathematics departments this year. Only our chemistry department was given a quota from our science departments, but our Turkish students did not make a choice in the placement made by OSYM. Apart from this, the preference of our students to university, especially from the Turkish republics, has increased in the last few years. This year, 14 students enrolled in our chemistry department, 1 from Turkmenistan and 15 from Azerbaijan. They continue their education. When we look at it from this point of view, parallel to the functioning, vision and mission of Kafkas University, the preference of students from this region makes us happy. We try to help these students as much as we can as a university and city.”

“They studied at the same school in Turkmenistan”
Explaining that they have experienced this problem only in numerical departments, Yüksek pointed out that this is not only a problem of their own university, but also a problem of other universities in Turkey. he said.

One of the students, Maysa Husainova, stated that some of her classmates went to their countries for Eid al-Adha, and told that she and other Turkmen students, of whom she is a citizen, were educated in the same class at a school in Halach.

Reminding that they came to Kars on September 19, Husainova said, “There are no Turks in our class. We have one Azerbaijani girl. Our teachers are very good. They help us in all our troubles, ”she said.

Expressing that he came from Turkmenistan, Serdar Orunov said, “Our lessons are going well. There is some problem in our financial situation. We don't have a scholarship. We stay at home here, but it seems a bit expensive.”
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