Auto Radiator Project with Nanofluids from CU

With the project prepared by the faculty members of SİVAS Cumhuriyet University (CU), it is aimed to increase the cooling performance of auto radiators by using nanofluids. When the project is implemented, it is expected that the heat transfer rate of auto radiators will increase by 30-40 percent and fuel savings will be achieved in vehicles.
CU Mechanical Engineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ertan Buyruk, Head of Energy Systems Engineering Department Assoc. Dr. Kerim Yapıcı has prepared a project that will change the auto radiators that keep the engine temperature at a certain level.

With the project, which is the first in Turkey, it is planned to reduce the auto radiator front panel area by 15 to 25 percent and to increase the heat transfer rate by 30-40 percent. Providing information about the project, which will start its experimental studies in 3 months, Assoc. Dr. Kerim Yapıcı said, “Within the scope of the project, different types of nanoparticles will be synthesized together with Dumlupınar University. The nanofluids that will be produced with these nanoparticles in different mass concentrations will be used in auto radiators. It is aimed for the first time in Turkey to use nanofluids in automobile radiators and to increase the heat transfer performance by 20 to 40 percent according to the amount of nanoparticles to be used. If we can achieve an increase in heat transfer performance by 20 to 40 percent, we plan to reduce the front panel area of ​​automobile radiators by 20 to 30 percent in this way. If we can achieve this goal, the weight on the radiator of the car will decrease and the car will gain a more economical and aerodynamic structure due to the reduction in volume.

Assoc. Dr. Yapıcı also said that due to the reduction in weight in the vehicles, fuel savings will be achieved and there will be less carbon dioxide emissions. Assoc. Dr. Kerim Yapıcı said, "As a result, if we can achieve the goals we have stated, we will reduce the external dependency of radiator companies by at least 20 percent by making less use of aluminum strips to be used in automobile radiators."
Stating that the project they prepared will make a very serious contribution to the country's economy, Prof. Dr. Ertan Buyruk said, “75 percent of the project budget will be covered by the Ministry of Industry and 25 percent by the radiator company that supports the project. We aim to achieve results that will contribute to the country's economy. We expect our project to be concluded in 1 month. Our Ministry of Industry really provides support to many researchers and many companies. We hope to benefit from this support. I wish this project to be beneficial for both our university and our country. Because it is a project that will really contribute to the country's economy," he said.

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