“Tübitak Researches Pollution in Dilovası”

TUBITAK Investigates Pollution in Dilovası. Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca reminded that there were complaints such as 'Dust is constantly coming to Dilovası' and said that they did not bypass these complaints. Topaca said, “We started a study on this issue and made an agreement with TÜBİTAK. Measurements are being made and we will announce it to the public soon.” said.

Governor Topaca held a press conference at the Kömürcüler Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) in Dilovası district. Kömürcüler OSB Board Member Salih Argunhan and Dilovası District Governor Hulusi Şahin also took part in the meeting.
Topaca, in his statement, touched on the allegations that coal dust causes accidents. Topaca said, “There are environmental factors, negative views and occasional accidents on the highway due to the fact that both the TEM highway and the D-100 highway are on the side. There were allegations that dust from coal deposits stuck to the highway and caused accidents in the rain. After the death of the last lawyer, we focused on this incident seriously, it was decided not to postpone it again, and it was decided to gather coal producers in the OSB, which was established in 1966.” said. Topaca stated that after these developments, Kömürcüler OSB was established.

Noting that coal miners took a series of precautions to prevent the negative effects that may arise in the OIZ, Topaca continued as follows: “Around each facility, first there is concrete walls, then a curtain consisting of panels, and a dust-holding curtain on top of that. These activities are carried out inside the walls that reach 8 meters in places. Of course, the measure taken was not just to build a wall, this was one of them. The water spraying system, called the spray system, was installed in all businesses to prevent dusting in hot weather. This system works actively in all businesses. The system is activated when the humidity in the coals falls below the determined figure during the summer periods. In case of establishing an electronic tracking system, a structure will be established that will operate from the automatic system according to the weather conditions.”

Stating that the opinion that dust comes out of coal piles is not true, Topaca said, “The main dust is actually dust flying from the areas in the OIZ when the vehicles on the roads come and go. In this regard, a sweeper was purchased to clean the public roads in the OIZ. Not only that, but a week ago, we took measures to treat OSB waters. We will build the treatment system, which will cost approximately 2 million liras.” he said. Topaca stated that it is unlikely that dust will go from Kömürcüler OIZ to Dilovası, but it may happen from time to time. Topaca explained that the inspections continue uninterruptedly to prevent this.

Touching on the pollution in Dilovası, Topaca said: “You, the public, and some people in Dilovası have been criticizing that dust is constantly coming. There have been complaints, we are investigating that too. We do not skip any complaints. I'm doing a study on that. I'm having TÜBİTAK do this, completely because I don't want any discussion. We made an agreement with TÜBİTAK, they are making those measurements. It is possible to determine whether the dust related to the subject of the complaint originates from here, from the road or from another business. We will get the result of this in a short time, we will explain it. If there is a problem here, we will not allow anything that will harm our people and leave them in dust by taking additional measures to eliminate it. Maybe if there is some temporary dusting event, we don't want to take its precaution as soon as possible and give place to any negativity. I would like to express that we are ready for all kinds of suggestions and cooperation on this issue. If there is dust coming somewhere, it is possible to detect it with the help of TÜBİTAK.”

Expressing that they saw that there were complaints from time to time, and that they knew that there were some malicious attempts, Governor Topaca said, “If I have a dust, I will be the first to face him. I would like to express that I will not allow some malicious people or groups to mislead the public and to manipulate the public in line with their own interests.” he concluded his speech.


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