First Graphene-Based Optical Disc Made…

First Graphene-Based Optical Disc Made…The unexpected news from Australia surprised the entire technology world. Scientists have made an optical disc for the first time with Graphene. Unlike Blu-ray and DVD designs, holographic storage can be used thanks to Graphene. Not to mention the increase in capacity and security. In addition, even if the disc is broken, the information in it can be easily retrieved.

Graphene was synthesized by scientists in 2004. Graphene is the name given to one of the honeycomb-shaped structures of the carbon atom.

The research was done in the Technology department of Swinburne University. Min Gu and his team suspended Graphene Oxide (GO) in water. This suspension structure was then mixed with PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol). The mixture was poured into a glass disc mold and allowed to dry. As a result, a disc with a GO polymer structure was made. GO polymers are highly fluorescent. However, the team's studies reduce the fluorescent feature of the unearthed structure. In this way, a GO-polymer layer is created on which information can be written with the laser.

GO-polymer discs are thick enough to focus read/write lasers. Even double layer write/read operation can be done. Holographic recording can be made in order to write in high quality and capacity. According to the statement of Australian scientists, 0.2 terrabits per cubic centimeter can be stored.

As we mentioned above, having a holographic nature makes it possible to retrieve information in case of any problems. In his article about the research, Min Gu says that even if GO-polymer discs break, information can be recovered.

These discs can go into mass production. However, the research still needs to be worked on for a while. In order to enter the consumer electronics class, it must work in harmony with the usual technologies.


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