Third of Spectrum Meetings in the Field of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy will be held on 9 October

The third of the Spectrum Meetings, where the topics on the agenda of pharmacy, new legal regulations, important points in terms of pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy relations, and new practices for pharmacy are discussed, will be held on October 9, 2013 at Istanbul Maslak Sheraton Hotel.

In Spectrum III, where common issues, panels and seminal discussions on the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists will take place, representatives of pharmaceutical and pharmacy professional organizations will evaluate the agenda. In Spectrum III, the participants will be able to follow all current issues related to the sector, as well as share their knowledge and experience in a dynamic environment. More than 300 participants are expected at the meeting at the level of professional organization representatives, sales and marketing managers, and pharmacists from the pharmaceutical and pharmacy sector.

Briefly, the topics of this year's agenda of the meeting are;

• Evaluation of official regulations in the field of medicine and pharmacy through the eyes of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists
• A view from the pharmaceutical industry to the pharmacy; OTC and future projects
• The place of “self medication” in the health transformation program and the future of OTC
• Evaluation of the agenda of pharmacist professional organizations
• Success stories from the pharmaceutical industry
• Creating a brand in the pharmacy
• What the agenda brings in sectoral discussion platforms
• Strategies and expectations of pharmacy cooperatives in the process of change
• Neuromarketing in the pharmacy
• Violence against healthcare workers; From the perspective of pharmacists and the pharmaceutical industry
• Someone's change, someone's crisis

Spectrum III Meeting Speakers (By last name)
Habeş Anık (President of the Board of Pharmacy Technicians Association), Pharm. Kubilay Aydın (President of Bursa Chamber of Pharmacists), Pharm. Emre Bacanak ( EDAK Pharmaceutical Cooperative Chairman of the Board ), Pharm. Yeşim Baş ( BEK Board Member ), Gürsel Bayat ( Biocodex General Manager ), Sevil Becan ( Atuva Consulting Founder ), Pharm. Tarkan Bir ( GEK Chairman of the Board ), Pharm. Ferat Değer (Diyarbakır Chamber of Pharmacists), Pharm. Kazım Dinç (Former Minister of Health, President of Health Products Association), Pharm. Taner Döven ( Deputy General Manager of Sel-Tek İlaç ), Cihat Dündar ( Chairman of the Board of B'iota Laboratories ), Pharm. Armağan Ener (Pharmetic Entrepreneur Pharmacists Association Chairman of the Board), Pharm. Hakan Gençosmanoğlu (Pharmacist's Voice Editorial Board Chairman), Dr. Yener Girişken ( ThinkNeuro Managing Partner ), Pharm. Semih Güngör (President of the Istanbul Chamber of Pharmacists), Tülay İzbul (Nicholas Hall OTC and Consumer Health Consultant), Prof. Dr. İlker Kanzik ( IDE Pharmaceutical Consulting Managing Partner ), Dr. Kıvılcım Kayabalı ( PTMS Founder ), Zeynel Okur ( Santa Farma Executive Committee Vice President ), Pharm. Bengü Özdemir (Pharmetic Entrepreneur Pharmacists Association Education Commission President), Pharm. Tuncay Sayılkan (President of Izmir Chamber of Pharmacists), Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci (Bengi Semerci Institute), Nevval Sevindi (President Pink Lady Association), Ozan Temizkan (Sanofi Turkey and Middle East Consumer Health Products Director), Hayal Tepe (Abdi İbrahim Health Products Sales & Marketing Director), Dr. Orhan Mutlu Topal ( Keymen Pharmaceuticals General Manager ), Atty. Selma Ünlü ( NSN Law Firm Managing Partner ), Pharm. Sinan Usta (Head of Kocaeli Chamber of Pharmacists), Dr. Nezih Varol (Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicine), Pharm. Hasan Buminhan Yavuz (Former President of Aksaray Chamber of Pharmacists), Pharm. M. Sait Yücel ( İSKOOP Chairman of the Board )


Source : DHA

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