Here is the cutting-edge 3D, cyber class of the future!

The "3D Cyber ​​Class", prepared by the Frankfurt Book Fair management and project partners using the latest technology, attracts great attention from the visitors.
Visitors to the 65th Frankfurt Book Fair are trying to decide where to stand in the transition from paper to digital screen while browsing the stands with books and technology.

The "3D Cyber ​​Classroom", designed by the Frankfurt Book Fair management and project partners using the latest technology, is among the places that attract the most attention of the visitors. Here, the technological innovations developed by companies for e-classes are explained and demonstrated in practice. The classroom, which offers students the opportunity to experience new technology, was prepared by a team of teachers, engineers and programmers. In this classroom, teachers act as organizers and implementers in the role of moderator.

There are no books, pens, notebooks, erasers, desks, chalkboards and chalk in the cyber classroom of the future… There are only screens, 3D glasses and a remote control in the classroom. Primary school students can also watch how water reaches boiling point and the details of its chemical reactions in HD quality.

“3D Cyber ​​Classroom” Product Management Officer Stephan Konegen stated to the AA correspondent that the technological classrooms they developed aim to support existing book and classical learning methods. Saying that they already provide materials such as 3D movies and animations, Konegen continued as follows:

“We design interactive platforms where you can interact with 3D opportunities. Now it is much easier to learn mathematics this way. We're making some realistic systems where you can see what's going on in your ear when you hear it, how sounds affect your ear. In the coming period, we will live in a world where 3D models and animations will increasingly appear in real life. Things that are difficult to learn will become easier and learning will become easier. You can make details visible and interact to explore. With 3D effects, you can create a much bigger effect than looking from the front.”

3d classroom


Source : channelnews

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