Public institutions and organizations will recruit nearly 9 public personnel through their advertisements in October.

Public institutions and organizations will recruit nearly 9 public personnel through their advertisements in October. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will receive 100 assistant experts. Applications will be received between October 21 and November 11. Faculty of Law, Public Administration / Political Science and Public Administration, Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Labor Economics, Sociology, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Map Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Architecture, Biology graduates will be accepted.

Agricultural Credit Cooperatives will receive 96 undergraduate and 109 associate degree civil servants. It is necessary to have a 2012 or 2013 KPSS score. Applications can be made until November 4. Banking, Banking and Insurance, Computer Aided Accounting, Computerized Accounting and Tax Practice, Business Administration, Cooperatives, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales Management, Insurance, Agricultural Cooperatives, Agricultural Marketing, Business Management,

Banking and Insurance Management, Preservation and Marketing in Herbal Products, Finance, Business, Money and Capital Management, Agricultural Business and Marketing and Storage, Agricultural Business, General Business, Finance and Accounting, Marketing and Sales, Agricultural Business and Marketing, Accounting and Tax Applications Having graduated from Agricultural Management, Business-Accounting, Vocational School of Justice

Those who will apply from the undergraduate level are Banking, Banking Finance, Banking and Insurance, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Economy, Economics, Business / Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Political Science and Public Administration, International Relations, International Trade, International Trade. and Business, Accounting-Finance, Economics and Finance, Accounting and Financial Management, Insurance and Risk Management, International Trade and Finance, Banking and Finance/Banking and Finance, Business-Economy/Business-Economics, International Finance, Finance-Accounting, Labor Must have a degree in Economics and Marketing.

The General Directorate of Migration will receive 500 provincial assistant migration experts for the provincial organization. Applicants must graduate from Faculties of Political Sciences, Economics, Business Administration, Economics and Administrative Sciences and have a score of 31 or above from any of the KPSSP35, KPSSP48, KPSSP112, KPSSP113, KPSSP70 score types. .PTT will recruit 3534 personnel in total. The distribution of 534 staff is as follows: 70 computers, 8 electrical and electronics, 15 electrical, 22 construction, 10 mechanical engineers, 12 architects, 10 lawyers, 30 technicians, 2 thousand 332 box office workers, thousand 25 distributors.

An oral exam will be held for the positions of engineers, architects, lawyers and technicians. For other titles, only 2012 KPSS results will be taken as basis. In addition to 100 assistant experts, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will recruit 477 more personnel this year.

Of the 477 personnel, 360 will be announced in 2013/2 KPSS preferences and 117 will be announced in December with contract. The branches and numbers to be recruited in KPSS 2013/2 assignments will be as follows: “Environmental engineer 79, electrical and electronics engineer 21, survey engineer 29. , civil engineer 72, mechanical engineer 21, geophysical engineer 8, architect 31, city planner 27, officer 72”

The branches and numbers of 4-B contracted personnel are as follows: "Environmental engineer 48, electrical engineer 7, survey engineer 11, civil engineer 18, mechanical engineer 8, geophysics engineer 6, geological engineer 3, architect 12, city planner" SGK; Revenue Administration 281 graduates from law, political sciences, economics and administrative sciences, economics, business administration, 100 computer, industry, electrical electronics, electronics, electronics and communication, software engineering Ministry of Finance Economics and administrative sciences, economics, business administration, law and political sciences graduates will receive 381 assistant treasurer positions.

The applications will be received between October 21 and November 1, and a total of 75 assistant income specialists will be received.

The Naval Forces Command has announced the recruitment of 38 civil servants. Application must be made by October 31st. The Forensic Medicine Institute will recruit 55 personnel. The distribution of 55 personnel to be recruited by Forensic Medicine is as follows: 1 construction, 3 machinery, 1 electrical electronics, 2 chemical engineers, 1 plumbing, 1 electrical, 1 construction technician, 1 photograph, 2 computers, 3 chemistry, 1 radiology technician, 2 physicists, 2 chemists, 8 civil servants, 18 VHKİ, 6 laboratory assistants, 2 biologistsUniversities.

A total of 1222 ÖYP research assistants will take into account the placement procedures of candidates applying for research assistant positions, 25% of their undergraduate grade point averages, 60% of their scores in the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES), and 15% of their foreign language scores, if any. It will be carried out with a central system by the Presidency of YÖK.

Preferences for ÖYP research assistant positions announced on 10/10/2013 will be made on the official website of YÖK Presidency between 21/10/2013-30/10/2013 (Time: 17:30). In addition, some institutions will hire assistant inspectors. Those institutions are as follows: TÜDEMSAŞ- 1, DSİ- 7, General Directorate of Foundations- 10, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock- 15 assistant inspectors.
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