“Karaman's wheat does not contain harmful elements”

“Karaman's wheat does not contain harmful elements” A research conducted at Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University (KMU) Institute of Science, found that wheat grown in Karaman does not contain harmful elements such as lead and cadmium.
KMU Kamil Özdağ Science Faculty Chemistry Department Lecturer Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ferhat Cem Armutlu, a student of the Department of Chemistry Physical Chemistry Program, conducted the research conducted by Aysel Çimen as her master's thesis. In the research supported by the KMU Scientific Research Projects Commission, the wheat crops collected from the Karaman-Konya road, the Organized Industry road and some villages of Karaman were examined in detail. As a result of the studies, harmful elements such as lead and cadmium were not found in the samples of whole wheat flour and sifted wheat flour prepared from the collected wheat, while the observed copper and zinc rates were found to be well below the limits that would impair human health.


In the evaluation made according to the results of the research, it was emphasized that it is very important for the economy of Karaman that wheat flour, which is frequently used in the food industry, and these metals, which can be defined as heavy metals in wheat products, are far from the risk limit. It was stated that the results remained at a reassuring level due to the absence of 'heavy industry' that could cause environmental pollution in the region.


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