A panel on “Science Days in Chemical Engineering” was organized by KAU.

A panel titled “Science Days in Chemical Engineering” was organized by the Chemical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Kars Kafkas University (KAU).

Speaking at the opening of the panel, Head of Chemical Engineering Department Assist. Assoc. Dr. Vedat Adıgüzel said that as a newly established department, their primary goal is to carry out projects and team works that will ensure the participation of students, as well as applied vocational education, with their young, dynamic and innovative staff.

Stating that they are planning an educational structure that will provide students with an inquiring, investigative and enterprising engineer approach, Adıgüzel said, "The main purpose of the event is to introduce the chemical engineering department, which is still in the establishment phase, to scientists who are experts in their field, and to benefit from their valuable experience and ideas."

Panel, moderator Prof. Dr. Under the management of Akgün Alarslan, Prof. Dr. Sabri Colak and Assoc. Dr. Turan Calban, Prof. Dr. Ömer Şahin and Assist. Assoc. Dr. M. Said Izgi, Prof. Dr. Jale Yanik, Assist. Assoc. Dr. It was carried out by Yunus Önal.


Source :AA

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