Nobel's Biggest Favorites in Chemistry and Physics….

Nobel's Biggest Favorites in Chemistry and Physics… According to Reuters News Agency's Nobel estimations since 2002, the strongest candidate for the physics prize this year is Peter Higgs, with his theory of subatomic particles.

world There are only a few days left for the highly anticipated Nobel Peace Prizes. Nobel Prize winners will be announced in the fields of Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Peace and Economics, respectively, between 7-14 October. The British news agency Reuters also published its Nobel predictions before the nomination lists were announced, as it has done since 2002. In the news, it was reminded that the winners of important awards such as the Lasker Awards and Shaw Prizes were looked at for predictions, and the Ig Nobel prizes, which were given by Harvard University as a parody of the Nobel, were evaluated about who would not receive the award. According to Reuters, which has made 27 correct predictions so far, the strongest candidates are as follows:

In the Nobel Prize in Medicine, which will be announced on October 7, the names that come to the fore with their DNA studies are favourites. At this point, the names of Adrian Bird from Edinburgh University and Howard Cedar and Aharon Razin from Hebrew University, who work on DNA methylation, are in the foreground. Looking at the Nobel Prize in Physics, which will be announced on October 8, it seems that physicist Peter Higgs, who first came up with the theory of the subatomic particle known as the Higgs particle, is a favourite. In the field of chemistry, A. Paul Alivisatos, Chad Mirkin and Nadrian Seeman stand out for their work on DNA nanotechnology, while in the field of economics, Joshua Angrist, David Card and Alan Krueger are favored for their research in the job market.


Literature and Peace favorites were not included in Reuters' list. However, Japanese Haruki Murakami, who lost the award to Chinese writer Mo Yan, despite being shown as a favorite in the field of literature last year, is nominated as the closest candidate for the award by literary circles this year. After the announcement of the winners, the awards will be distributed to the winners at the ceremonies to be held in December.



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