They Successfully Produced Gasoline From Coli Bacteria!

They Succeeded To Produce Gasoline From The Coli Bacteria.South Korean scientists have succeeded in using the deadly coli bacillus, which is known to cause food poisoning and causes infection in the large intestine, in an important area for humanity: producing gasoline.

Producing biofuels from genetically engineered coli is not a new invention. British scientists, in their statement in April, reported that they were able to convert biowaste into diesel fuel as we know it, thanks to the method applied using bacteria. The invention in question came after similar research by the US biotechnology company LS9 in 2010.

Professor at the Korea Institute of Advanced Sciences. According to Lee Sang's report, the current research goes one step further, because he states that they can produce gasoline, which is a high-quality petroleum product, thanks to the reprogrammed coli bacillus. The research was published Monday in the international scientific journal Nature.

“The significance of this groundbreaking invention is that you don't need to go through another process, such as cracking oil, to produce gasoline,” Lee told the Wall Street Journal. We have had success converting glucose or garbage biofuel into gasoline. You can use the gasoline we have developed in your car.” conveyed the information.


Source : bloomberght

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