Can oil and gas production from coal reduce our energy dependence?

Yurt Mining Development Foundation (YMGV) held a meeting and argued that oil and gas production from coal would greatly reduce Turkey's foreign dependence on energy. Reminding that the pilot facility built for this purpose in Tunçbilek operation belonging to Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKİ), YMGV President Prof. Dr. Güven Önal said:

Established with an investment of 3 billion dollars
“It is possible to obtain 10 million barrels of oil per year in such a facility that uses 2 million tons of 12,2-calorie coal per year. In addition, this facility will be able to produce 500 megawatts of electricity as a side output. In such a facility, the cost of oil per barrel reaches 65 dollars in Turkish conditions. The investment cost of this facility is 3 billion dollars. If 10 such facilities were established in 6 years, we would produce 15 million tons of oil and 3 thousand MW of electricity per year.”

Pointing out that coal production, which is 76 million tons today, can reach 200-300 million tons in a short time thanks to these facilities, Önal emphasized that Turkey's reserve status is 14 billion tons.

Limit on purchase guarantee

Önal claimed that with this kind of energy production, foreign dependency will decrease by one third in 10 years and it will be completely over in 20 years. According to the information given by Önal, TKİ will soon establish a commercial gas facility in Soma within this scope. Önal, who also made suggestions for the promotion of production in this area, first requested that the power plant capacity limit of 1000 MW be removed for purchase guarantee.

Security rises as the mine grows

Answering the questions about the accidents in the mines, YMGV Board Member Alp Gürkan said, “As production increases, mining enterprises in Turkey also need to grow. This is what is happening today… As the mines grow, automation and security measures increase.” Gürkan also stated that the annual coal production capacity of his own company will increase from 2014 million tons to 6 million tons in 10.


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