A record number of countries and participants applied for the Global Webit Congress.

A record number of countries and participants applied for the Global Webit Congress. Thousands of senior executives from digital technology and telecommunication giants of 103 countries are among those who applied to the Webit Congress, for which CNN TÜRK is the communication broadcast sponsor. The congress will host more than 8 exhibitors, 250 speakers, six major events and trade fairs.

Global Forum President and Founder Plamen Russev commented that it was great that the brightest and most effective representatives of the digital technology and telecommunications industry, entrepreneurs participated in the Webit Congress, which will be held at Haliç Congress Center on 6-7 November.

Congress "http://webitcongress.com/en/profile/featured_attendees” According to the list published on the website, representatives of Yandex, IBM, Google, Spotify, Facebook, Lenovo, Nokia, OMD, Havas, Mediabrands, Qualcomm, Pentagram, Joulie, aol, Unilever, Accer, Effective Measure, Lakestar, Almaz Capital, BBC and Al Jazeera are among the participants.

As part of the congress, sessions such as "Digital Marketing and Innovation Conference, Future Leaders Conference, Telco Summit (invites only), eCommerce Conference" will be held.

At the Digital Marketing and Innovation Conference, topics such as the social footprint of brands and mobile turnover will be discussed. In the Future Leaders Conference, topics such as success factors and business development, strategies, tactics and monetization will be covered.

At the Telco Summit, where only the invitees will attend, the future of the telco industry and smart and connected cities will be discussed.

Aniela Russeva, Global Webit Congress Manager, said, “We are committed to making Webit the world's largest platform for growing successful international business relationships between digital technology, telecommunications and eCommerce firms in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In this respect, we strive to provide the best possible means for effective B2B communication and the achievement of business goals.”

The 5th Webit Congress will be followed by more than 300 members of the press from all over the world, as well as many promoters and sponsors. Detailed information about the congress http://www.webitcongress.com can be reached from.



Source : cnnturk

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