Nevşehir University Discussed Student Exchange with Chinese Universities to Realize the First

Nevşehir University Rector Prof. Dr. Filiz Kılıç visited China Petroleum University and Peking Minzu University, which are well-established universities in China.

Rector Kılıç held various meetings in Beijing, the capital of China, to make agreements for the Mevlana Exchange Program and to discuss new projects. Nevşehir University EU Project Coordinator Serkan Başar accompanied Rector Kılıç during the visit.
Rector Prof. Dr. Filiz Kılıç was first born in Beijing, the capital of China, with the President of China Petroleum University Prof. Dr. Zhang Laibin, Dean of Geology Departments Prof. Dr. Liu Guangdi, Dean of Geophysics Departments Prof. Dr. He met with Xiao Lizhi and International Relations Office Coordinator Xudong Sun.

At the meeting held at China Petroleum University, Rector Kılıç gave information about the studies carried out at Nevşehir University since 2007. Kılıç, Rector of Petroleum University, who works especially in the fields of energy and economy. Dr. He held talks with Zhang Laibin on mutual student and lecturer exchanges.

Stating that there will be studies in common areas between the two universities, especially in the fields related to energy and economy, Prof. Dr. Zhang Laibin noted that many students and lecturers from institutions will show interest in this program.

prof. Dr. Zhang Laibin also stated that Nevşehir University will be the first Turkish university partner of China Petroleum University and they are pleased about this.

Rector Kılıç, who visited Beijing Minzu University after his visit at China Petroleum University, met with Song Ming, Vice-Chancellor, and Erkin Ariz, Head of the Uyghur Language Department.

Rector Kılıç, who received information about the studies carried out in the field of eastern languages ​​at Minzu University, which is one of the most established universities in China, said that the agreements to be made with the universities in Beijing, the capital of China, are very important on the way to internationalization.

Song Ming, Vice Rector of Minzu University, expressed his satisfaction for the visit, and stated that they would be honored to collaborate with Nevşehir University, which serves in an important region such as Cappadocia, and that they can start with the oriental languages ​​departments.

Erkin Ariz, Head of the Uyghur Language Department, noted that with the Mevlana exchange program, a large number of students will visit each other and thus the educational friendship between Turkey and China will be strengthened.

Rector Kılıç also noted that talks with China Petroleum University and Beijing Minzu University, as well as Peking Sports University and Beijing Fashion Technology University, about the Mevlana Exchange program are continuing, and that they are making efforts to conclude agreements as soon as possible.


Rector Kılıç also visited Beijing Ambassador Murat Salim Esenli as part of his program in China.

During his visit, Rector Kılıç stated that although they are a new university as Nevşehir University, they strive to become a well-known university in the country and abroad, especially in the field of tourism, and that student and academic staff exchanges are important by cooperating with universities in the People's Republic of China, which has had important relations for 40 years in the modern era. .

Stating that China is oriented towards R&D studies and that they aim to do research and projects rather than production, Rector Kılıç stated that as Nevşehir University, mutual protocols will be made with some universities in China and that they can take part in studies to be carried out under the auspices of the Beijing Embassy in the field of education.

Beijing Ambassador Murat Salim Esenli said that the People's Republic of China has the second largest economy in the world and that China will become a country that will grow twice as much in the next 2 years. Ambassador Esenli noted that relations with China, which is expected to be the number one in the world, should be improved and that Nevşehir University can play a leading role in tourism activities, especially since it is located in a unique region such as Cappadocia.

Ambassador Esenli emphasized that student exchange programs are very important and that China is a good option for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

During his visit, Rector Kılıç invited Ambassador Esenli to Nevşehir University to give a conference. Ambassador Esenli noted that when he returns to Turkey, he will be able to participate as a speaker at a conference to be held at Nevşehir University and it would be a great honor for him. Ambassador Esenli stated that he could give a conference on “Turkey-China Relations and Tourism” at Nevşehir University.

At the end of the visit, Rector Kılıç thanked Ambassador Esenli for his hosting and support, and presented various handmade gifts unique to Avanos.


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