We Don't Have Nuclear Power Plants, But We Have Waste

We Have No Nuclear Power Plant, But We Have Waste. After 9 months, the buried wastes reacted again. The earth began to vomit poison. The newly laid soil also turned black as before.
Radikal announced on 3 December 2012 the toxic wastes that a lead factory in İzmir Gaziemir had buried on its land for years. Despite the presence of waste containing radioactivity, only new soil was placed on the waste. However, the soil that was thrown out months later did not help either. The poison continued to vomit. The newly laid soil turned black after months. According to experts, the poison continues to spread through both wind and precipitation.

Toxic wastes in Gaziemir were first reflected in the headline of Radikal Newspaper on 3 December 2013 with the news of 'Izmir's Chernobyl. Later, relevant institutions made statements regarding toxic wastes, including radiation, and institutions such as the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK) conducted investigations in the field.

A coordination committee was established, including the Governorship of Izmir, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and TAEK. Investigations have been made. The area was surrounded by wire fences. It doesn't make sense! Then, in February 2013, 10 tons of soil was dumped on the land where the poisons were buried. However, months later, it was understood that the discarded land was useless. The poisons under the ground reacted again. The earth began to vomit poison. The newly laid soil also turned black as before.
Yıldız Technical University Environmental Engineering Department of Environmental Technologies faculty member Prof. Dr. Beyza Üstün stated that the blackening of the soil newly thrown on the toxic wastes is due to the leakage of the wastes and said: “The infiltration continues. Surely there is a liquid puddle inside. It doesn't even need rain. There is no such method of closure or precaution in the world. It's already hazardous waste. This needs to be completely eliminated. It should also be disposed of according to the hazardous waste class. This means abandoning it completely. Moreover, the settlements are very close to the area. The soils here are contaminated soils. Who knows what kind of toxins it contains. These must infiltrate into groundwater. There is danger in both ways. With wind and air currents. He will carry his danger wherever he reaches. They can also react together. One thing is for sure, this shouldn't be done. Living things roam here, too. There are animals. The children are breathing here. The settlement is under great threat. This must be brought to the public agenda. A committee should be formed for the determinations. A press release is a must here. This is a complete disaster. It doesn't seem mind-blowing. Probably nowhere else in the world. A complete wild burial. Taking samples is not the solution either. Hazardous wastes should be removed as soon as possible.”

We do not have a nuclear power plant, but we have waste!

Lawyer Arif Ali Cangı, Co-Spokesperson of the Greens and Left Future Party: “We have filed criminal complaints against responsible public officials and company officials. Files are separated. We demanded that the officials of the Provincial Directorate of Environment, İzmir Municipality, İzmir Governor's Office and TAEK be prosecuted. Public officials were not allowed to investigate. Not processed. We appealed to the Council of State. No lawsuit has yet been filed against the authorities related to the lead factory. As a party, we are following this," he said.
Regarding the poisons starting to vomit again, Cangı said: “We said it when soil was first thrown there. You cannot get rid of hazardous wastes and radiation wastes by throwing soil. Whatever it takes, you have to get rid of that waste. Hazardous waste started to vomit again. There is a serious danger. Serious public health screening is needed. Samples from air, water and soil should be taken and followed. Nobody can say that the health of the people living in the vicinity is safe while the wastes are stopped. Although Turkey does not have a nuclear power plant, it has become a country with waste. This event gave a clue about the consequences of the nuclear power plant adventure. This adventure must be abandoned while there is time.”



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