Part-Time Job Opportunity for University Students from Ordu Governor

The Governorship of Ordu took action to ensure that young people studying and graduating from ODU in the city participate in employment. Ordu Governor Kenan Çiftçi said that university students have found areas where they can work, and that students who will graduate from various departments are ready to work.

Governor Çiftçi said, “We have a job gap of 5 in Ordu, to which workplaces applied to us in different fields and said, 'Give me workers in these fields'. There are job opportunities in all fields that can graduate during 700 years," he said. Emphasizing that they will help students in every field at ODU, Governor Çiftçi said, “All universities in Turkey are in a race. Universities not only in Turkey but around the world are in competition. When we look at the newspapers, we see that 4 universities from Turkey are among the top 4 universities. We are now competing in science. Maybe the area for its production is narrow, maybe the possibilities are limited, but our Industrial Zone work, where these will also be applied, is about to be concluded and finalized. Maybe there will be no technopark, but we will personally provide the opportunities they desire to our teachers who want to work there and develop production in the coming days.” he said.

Explaining that they are ready to offer part-time jobs to those who want to work on weekends and evenings in the third year, Governor Çiftçi addressed the students and said, “If you apply to us, you will say, 'I am in the third year. I will work part time on weekends. If you say, 'I have 1-2 hours in the evenings', we are ready to identify these job opportunities and the areas where you can work with the workplaces.” said.

At ODU, which has approximately 15 thousand students; There are 25 professors, 28 associate professors, 169 assistant professors, 115 lecturers, 16 lecturers, 151 research assistants, 4 experts.
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