Biogas Production Started at the Recycling Facility in Tokat, Erbaa.

Biogas production started at the Solid Waste Landfill and Recycling facility in Erbaa, Tokat.
Swiss energy consultant D.Adrian Caduff and German Mechanical Engineer Dr.Arnd Seyfeut, who advise each Energy Group, made measurements and inspections at Erbaa Solid Waste Landfill and Recycling Facility. Every Enerji General Manager Ali Duzgun stated that they will determine how much electricity can be produced with the biogas produced in the Erbaa Solid Waste Landfill and Recycling Facility in line with the report they will give after the consultants' examinations, and said, "As it seems, gas production has started from the first chimney. After the solid wastes increase a little more in Erbaa, gas production will start from other chimneys as well. We are planning to establish an electricity production facility from biogas here. Our investment will be at least 2 million euros," he said.

Erbaa Mayor Ahmet Yenihan, on the other hand, stated that he was excited by the start of biogas production and the subsequent inspection by the consultants of a private company that produces electricity, and said, "While many cities cannot implement such important projects today, we can see how far our Erbaa is by producing energy in this facility we have established. We have shown more. We not only clean our city, but also bring the garbage we collect to the economy of our district and the country. While the energy company planning an investment here produces electricity with its investment, we aim to heat our Small Industrial Site and Erbaa in the coming days with the facility we will establish here.”


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