Turkey's first shale gas well is being drilled in Diyarbakir this month.

Turkey's first shale gas well is being opened in Diyarbakır under the operatorship of Shell. In case of positive results from the studies, the company will drill more than 20 new wells.
Turkey's first shale (oil and natural gas) well is drilled in Diyarbakir (Konacik) this month. The well to be drilled under the operatorship of Shell will descend to 3 thousand meters. If positive signs are reached in the works that will continue horizontally to the right and left after three thousand meters, Shell will drill more than 20 wells in the region. Energy management sources informed that they are hopeful about the studies and that traces of oil can also be reached in addition to gas in the exploration.

In recent years, significant gas reserves have been reached in the USA during shale studies, also called shale gas. With the start of production in the USA, there was a great decrease in gas prices compared to European countries. Shale studies have recently started to be talked about in Turkey. In this context, Shell and TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation) started working in the Diyarbakır-Batman region. According to the data of the US Department of Energy and TPAO, there is information that Turkey has shale gas in Erzurum, Diyarbakır and Thrace areas. Shale is briefly defined as unconventional energy sources (oil, natural gas) found in small pores of rocks and produced by horizontal drilling.


Energy management resources are hopeful for shale gas and oil studies in the Southeast Region. With the work of the national oil company TPAO and Shell, concrete data in the region will be reached. In this context, it is planned to re-open wells in the Southeast for shale gas, the production of which is finished or decreased. Energy management sources, who interpret the discovery of gas and oil in rocks, which is a new model in the world, as "finding oil by cesarean section", informed that serious oil and gas reserves can be reached in Turkey with this method. Shell will drill two wells in the first plan.

19 floors higher than the tallest building

Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) and Shell signed an agreement in November 2011 to work together to explore oil in the north of Diyarbakır and Batman cities.

According to the agreement, Shell will manage the exploration activities called “Dadaş Project”. The Dadaş Project includes four licensed areas of approximately 1.500 square kilometers given by the state; It forms the triangle between Diyarbakır and Batman in the south, and a point near the town of Hazro in the north, and the highway between Diyarbakır and Silvan, which diagonally cuts the project area.

Within the scope of the license, Shell, together with TPAO, will search for oil in a shale layer 3.000-4.500 meters below the ground. This layer corresponds to an area of ​​28-43 football fields from end to end (approximately 13 or 19 times the height of Istanbul Sapphire, the tallest building in Turkey). The goal is to learn more about the properties of the Dadaş shale layer.



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