Turkey's First Polymer Engineering Department Gives Its Graduates This Year

Founded at YALOVA University in 2008, Polymer Engineering has the distinction of being the first and only in Turkey. There is great interest in Polymer Engineering, which is the science that solves the problems of organic materials such as plastic and rubber, and the production technologies of these materials. Preparing to give its first graduates in 2014, Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Niyazi Eruslu said that young people who prefer Polymer Engineering, which has been a science since 1948 in the USA, will not have any trouble looking for a job after graduation.

Polymer, which is used in the construction of all kinds of materials, from simple tools used in all areas of life, was established as an engineering branch in 2008 within Yalova University for the first time in Turkey. 60 students are studying in Polymer Engineering, which is the first and only. Stating that since 1948, studies on polymer engineering, which is a science in the USA, have been carried out in different universities in Turkey, Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Niyazi Eruslu said, “There is a very wide application area for Polymer Engineering in Turkey. However, the people who have worked on this subject so far have been Chemical and Metallurgical engineers. Polymer Engineers, who will graduate from our university next year, will continue their studies in this field.”


Pointing out that polymeric materials are used in all areas of life, Prof. Dr. Eruslu said, “We use these materials in every area from birth to the grave. When we look at the plastics industry in Turkey, there are nearly 6 plastic companies. 70% of them are small scale. The companies that our students do internships say to our young people, 'Finish the school now. Let's continue to work with you,' they say. This is a very pleasing situation for our university and our students.”

Stating that polymeric material is a smart material, Polymer Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Atilla Tasdelen said:
“When we look at the working area of ​​the polymeric material, there is an operating range from minus 100 degrees to plus a thousand degrees. Metal or glass material cannot meet this operating range. In order to process metal material, it is necessary to reach a high temperature of 2 thousand degrees. However, you can shape the polymeric material at plus 200 degrees, and after you put it into use, it is possible to break, shape and use it again. With this feature, it is an environmentally friendly material. For example, when you carry water in a glass material, 30 percent of energy is lost. However, this loss is not in question in the polymeric material.”
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