U.U. Chemistry Community Continues Its Activities at Full Speed ​​in the New Academic Year

“Traditional New Academic Year Meeting Breakfast” organized by Uludağ University Chemistry Society Res. See. Dr. It was held with the wide participation of Meliha ÇETİN and the members of the Community. In addition, Bursa Technical University Chemistry Community participated in the organization and a good cooperation was ensured among the learners.

In the speech given by the President of the Community, Emin DEDE said, “We are very happy to have brought together our friends and upper-class friends who joined us this year for such a nice breakfast and provided this warmth, I would like to thank all the friends and community members who participated.” In addition, providing a brief information about the future plans of the community, Emin DEDE added that "This year, they will continue to represent our University's Chemistry Department in the best way possible in events such as congresses and fairs."




📩 05/10/2013 22:35

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