It has been determined that the "tryptophan" substance in the egg increases the sense of confidence.

Research by scientists from Leiden University in the Netherlands showed that the "tryptophan" substance in eggs increases the feeling of confidence.

The scientists had the participants play a trust game. In the game, a participant was given some money, and that person was given the option to give as much of the money as they wanted to a person of their choice. During the game, the participants drank orange juice containing tryptophan. It was seen that those who took tryptophan were 40 percent more trusting and gave more money.

Stating that the results support the predictions that there is a connection between what is eaten and thought, the researchers emphasized that mutual trust is a prerequisite for the construction of mutual cooperation. Researchers pointed out that consuming foods containing tryptophan can increase trust among people in cheap, effective and healthy ways.

Scientists also stated that foods such as red meat, cottage cheese, spinach, turkey, nuts and tuna are rich in tryptophan, in addition to eggs.

The results of the research were published in the journal "Psychological Science".



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