1 Billion Tons of Copper Reserve Found in Kahramanmaraş!!

In the region between Hüyüklü village in Afşin district and Elbistan district, the reserve exploration process has been carried out for 5 years by the teams within the scope of the "Kahramanmaraş-Osmaniye Polimetal Mineral Explorations" project of the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA). [more…]


Could We Face a Helium Scarcity?

Despite the fact that the USA sold its helium reserves for airships in 1920, helium shortages do occur from time to time. Although we see helium most often in flying balloons, some scientists believe that we have only a limited amount of it. [more…]


The 10 Most Toxic Places in the World….

The 10 Most Toxic Places in the World… Toxic substances emitted into the environment threaten approximately 200 million people around the world. Lead in the soil, chemicals in the air or toxic electronic garbage thrown into the river waters… These are, [more…]