3. Chemistry R&D Project Market has ended, Here are the award-winning project owners…

3. Chemistry R&D Project Market has come to an end, Here are the award-winning project owners… 'nobiletin', obtained from orange peel, was produced in a cosmetic product that removes stains on the skin, a paper adhesive that children love so much, a paper adhesive that can be used safely, the colors of fallen tree leaves can be used in food, textile and textile products. Would it ever occur to you that it could turn into a natural dye to be used in medicine production or that you could use a magnetic paint on the walls of your home just like a blackboard?

150 people, who did not only dream of all these, turned their ideas into projects and applied to the Chemistry R&D Project Market.

In the event that brought together representatives of industrial organizations, universities, R&D organizations, technopark employees and researchers; Projects in the fields of Plastic and Rubber Products, Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceuticals, Paints and Dyes, Cosmetics, Soap and Cleaning Products, Inorganic Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Mineral Fuels and Mineral Oils, Fertilizer Products, Adhesives and Glues were exhibited.

This year, İKMİB brought a significant difference to the R&D Project Market, which it launched to increase the added value in chemical exports and to offer innovative ideas to the industrialists. Award-winning projects in sub-categories such as plastic, cosmetics and paint will be presented to the taste of industrialists with the "Sector Meetings" to be held after the event.

It was stated that exports, which will increase with R&D and innovation, will also be a solution to Turkey's current account deficit problem.

Here are the award-winning project owners…

Student Category:

First Prize: Tuğba Kul Köprülü / Gaziosmanpaşa University

Second Prize: Süleyman Şimşek / Erciyes University

Third Prize: Ömer Suat Taşkın / Istanbul Technical University

Entrepreneur Category:

First Prize: Duygu Aksoy, Neşe Bulut / Istanbul University / Kayalar Chemistry

Second Prize: Merve Kolay, Mete Mercan

Third Prize: Fatih Karabey

Academician Category:

First Prize: Burhan Ateş, S. Köytepe, Mg. Karaaslan, H. Parlakpinar, N. Vardı, C. Ara / İnönü University

Second Prize: Assist. Assoc. Halil Şahan, M. Nurullah Ateş, Şaban Patat, Sanjeev Mukerjee, KMAbraham / Erciyes University

Third Prize: Burhan Ateş, S. Köytepe, Eb. Denkbaş, S. Balcıoğlu, S. Gülgen / İnönü University

Industrialist Category:

First Prize: Halil Akbulut, Selma Feridunoğlu / Kayalar Kimya

Second Prize: Olçun Ekinci, Duygu Aksoy / Kayalar Chemistry

Third Prize: Hülya Başaran, Seda Gündoğan /Akbaşlar Tekstil Enerji



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