According to US scientists, the origin of living things on Earth may be clay….

According to a new study published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, the origin of living things on Earth may be clay. According to the research, clay, which is a mixture of important minerals in the soil, has the ability to absorb small molecules and chemicals. These absorbed substances can reproduce rapidly in the clay. DNA and living cells emerge as a result of the reactions of these substances over billions of years.

In the study, which was signed by the biology engineers from the nanoscience department of Cornell University in New York, USA, it was claimed that clay was the “birthplace of life on Earth”.

Experts say that when clay enters seawater, it forms a "hydrogel". This substance has the ability to absorb other substances around it.

Professor Dan Luo of Cornell University said: "In early geological times, clay hydrogels trapped biomolecules and biochemical reactions. "The chemicals that have been imprisoned here over the intervening billions of years have reacted to form proteins, DNA and ultimately the mechanisms that enable a living cell to function," he said.

During the research, experts placed synthetic hydrogels in environments rich in DNA, amino acids and enzymes, laying the groundwork for the emergence of proteins. When the reactions are examined, it is stated that life may first have emerged from clay.
In the article, it was also reminded that clay accelerates protein formation, and it was pointed out that this could be considered as an inexpensive way for drug production.

Experts point out that their findings are also compatible with the texts of the holy books.

In many verses of the Qur'an, the first human being Hz. It is said that Adam was created from earth. For example, in the 12th verse of the chapter of Mu'minun, it is said, "We have certainly created man from a (filtered) substance from mud".

There are similar statements in the Bible.

In addition to the Abrahamic religions, it is stated in the historical texts of Greek mythology, Egyptian and Chinese culture that God transformed clay into a human shape and then breathed life into it.

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Source : Hurriyet

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