Studies for the establishment of a Turkish base for scientific studies in Antarctica continue.

Work continues for the Turkish base, which is planned to be established in Antarctica, the only continent on earth where there is no permanent human life. Osman Atasoy, who was the first Turkish sailor to go to the glacial continent with his sailboat named "Zarlar II", and Prof. from Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries. Dr. 12 academicians from 21 branches of science attended the meeting of the Antarctic committee formed under the presidency of Bayram Öztürk at the Chamber of Shipping.

'Turkey should come too'
The Chairman of the Antarctic Scientific Research Committee, which organizes scientific research on the glacial continent, Prof. Dr. Jeronimo Lopez-Martinez stated that the continent does not belong to any country and said, "It is important for the scientific world that Turkey conducts research in Antarctica with a solid infrastructure and is included in the system."
Professor of Marine Ecology at the National Polar Research Institute of Japan. Dr. Kentaro Watanabe, on the other hand, said that the increase in scientific research on the continent is necessary for the protection of the world and said, "I would recommend Turkey to work in the area between the peninsula and the Ross Sea." prof. Dr. Bayram Öztürk said, “First of all, determining the 10-year budget will ensure our national policy in Antarctica. The science commission, which will include TÜBİTAK, should be supported by the state," he said.
At the end of the meeting, Turkish Antarctic Marine Program, Turkish Antarctic Medicine Program, Turkish Antarctic Geology and Geophysics Program, Turkish Antarctic Climate Observation Program were prepared. In Antarctica, which is covered with a glacial cover, 27 countries have scientific research bases.



Source : gundem.milliyet

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