Sweden is the most innovative country in Europe, what about Turkey?

Sweden is the most innovative country in Europe, what about Turkey? According to the Commission's statement, the new ranking aims to measure the level of innovation that will make Europe more competitive and create higher quality jobs.

Innovation in technology within the framework of the indicator; patents are measured by the ratio of those employed in 'knowledge-intensive' activities to total employment, the competitiveness of knowledge-intensive products and services, and employment data in companies that grow rapidly in innovative sectors.

Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, Member of the European Commission responsible for research, innovation and science, said, “For the European Union to lead the global economy, it needs to turn more good ideas into successful products and services. At the same time, we need to close the worrying 'innovation gap'. "The proposed indicator will help us measure how we are performing and identify where countries should take action," he said.

According to the indicator, Sweden stands out as the EU country that benefits most from innovation investments, followed by Germany, Ireland and Luxembourg.

Some of Europe's most innovative and internationally successful companies come from Sweden. Among these are the furniture giant Ikea, Skype, which offers online calling service, and Spotify, which offers online music listening service.

According to the indicator created by the Commission, there are serious differences between EU countries in the field of innovation. Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia are at the bottom of the EU rankings.

In the study, which included 28 EU countries as well as Japan, China, USA, Iceland, Norway and Turkey, Turkey ranks second from the last in innovation ranking, after Bulgaria.

The EU as a whole performs well internationally, on par with the US in innovation. But the EU still lags behind some of the world's most innovative economies, such as Switzerland and Japan.



source : euractiv

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