Guideline for the promotion of cosmetics from the Ministry

A Guide on the Claims of Cosmetic Products was prepared by the Ministry of Health, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency to guide manufacturers, distributors and promoters regarding the label, display and advertisement of cosmetic products.

According to the guideline, claims or images stating that the cosmetic product is approved or permitted by a competent authority cannot be included on the packaging or in promotions.

The claim about the cosmetic product will be reasonable and perceptible considering the profile of the users, it cannot be said that "it is in the ingredient" for a substance that is not in the ingredient, the evidence will be supported by expert evaluations, will be sufficient and verifiable, the studies to prove the claim will be related to the cosmetic product and the claimed benefit, ethical verifiable, reliable and repeatable methods will be used.

Statements regarding the functionality of the cosmetic product will not go beyond the supported evidence. For cosmetics with the same feature, promotions that show one as "unique, incomparable, best, most effective" will not be made.

If the effect of a cosmetic product is dependent on certain conditions, this will be clearly stated. Claims to be made will be objective, will not discredit its competitors and the components used, will not be misleading about a competing product, the claims will be understandable and clear to the user, and will enable them to make an informed choice.

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