Scientists have identified the times when women feel the oldest and most tired.

In a study by scientists, it was determined when women felt the oldest and most tired.
Scientists have determined that women are at their oldest and most tired at 15.30:XNUMX p.m. every Wednesday.
A study conducted by a cosmetics company involving hundreds of women in the UK and the USA revealed that one out of every 10 women considers Wednesday the most stressful day of the week. According to the study, women look and feel old as their energy levels plummet on Wednesday afternoon, work stress peaks, and the fatigue from the weekend takes their toll.

Friday is the day when women feel the happiest. 60 percent of the women participating in the study stated that they felt extremely happy and cheerful on Friday.
Monday night was determined to be the night when women complained the most about insomnia. Women look older on Wednesday, as the effects of insomnia take effect after 48 hours on the face and neck area.
Wednesday was determined as the day that women most often abandon their regimen and skin care, which they usually start on Monday.



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