Bor's latest innovation turned out to be removing unwanted hair as well.

Fhm Nanotechnology Academy, which works as a domestic R&D company that produces technological products by processing boron mines with nanotechnology, announced that boron mines destroy unwanted hairs and thicker unwanted hairs. . In the studies, it was stated that the boron mineral had very important results on the destruction of hair and feathers, and at the same time, an excellent invention emerged in the revitalization and protection of the skin and skin.

Mehmet Can Arvas, General Manager of Fhm Nanotechnology Academy, said, “We have achieved good results in many sectors by processing boron mines with nanotechnology. We started working in this field, as we saw that there are hair removal products on the world market, but not "hair removal" products. Thanks to the special crystals we have produced in boron mines between 5 nanometers and 60 nanometers, we have made applications with technology that will penetrate the roots of hairs and hairs, and we have obtained very positive results. With the method we use, the hairs and hairs not only fall out, but also ensure that they do not come out again. In the face of this very important technological development, our negotiations with the world's giant companies continue,'' he said.

Stating that human skin is very sensitive, Arvas said, “Since human skin is very sensitive and at the same time it is a way of taking minerals, the studies took time. Since boron is an inort material and nano-scale, it penetrates the hair roots very easily. In addition, the technology that kills bacteria and provides more vitality by destroying the dead skin on the skin makes the technology more important. We think that the boron hair removal system, which we have developed as a 100 percent national Turkish R & D company, will have serious results and areas of use all over the world. We are proud to take place as Turkish technology,''he said.
Stating that our national products will also take place in the world cosmetics sector in the field of technology, where Turkey has made great progress in the last 10 years, Arvas said, “Now it is time to invite our scientists from other countries to our country by reversing the brain drain.”

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