Scientists from China and Singapore succeeded in “INVISIBILITY Becomes Real”

Scientists from China and Singapore succeeded in making a fish and a cat invisible with the tool that creates an "invisibility" effect. Scientists from China's Zhejiang University and Singapore's Nanyang Technological University said in a study published two weeks ago in the prestigious scientific journal "Nature Communications". , managed to make a goldfish and a cat invisible in the hexagonal device. While objects in the background of the transparent instrument remained visible, objects inserted into the instrument were rendered invisible using reflections of light.

Zheng Bin, one of the researchers at Zhejiang University, stated that invisibility is possible with optical technology, and said, "This device bends the light and transmits it back to the object we want to hide, and the object becomes invisible when the light is trapped." Stating that this technology is still in a primitive stage, Zheng said that objects can be made invisible only in a very narrow light range.



Source : bursadabugun

📩 12/11/2013 14:25

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