Columbia University established a “laboratory” in Istanbul that produces research projects and ideas about the future of the city.

Columbia University established a “laboratory” in Istanbul that produces research projects and ideas about the future of the city. Studio-X Istanbul, the latest center to be opened in Salipazarı with the pioneering sponsorship of Borusan Holding, added to Studio-X's in New York, Amman, Bombay, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Tokyo and completing the network, has been open to research projects in its first year. will focus.

Studio-X Istanbul, which was established in Istanbul after the few cities of the world as an initiative of Columbia University, aims to define the problems that the city will face today and in the future, and to produce new ways of thinking for their solutions. In this direction, Studio-X Istanbul will create a new platform that will enable the exchange of information between experts, universities, non-governmental organizations and local governments.

sponsored by Borusan Holding and contributed by the Enka Foundation.
Studio-X Istanbul will also receive support from different institutions and individuals. Studio X Istanbul is also under the direction of Ipek Cem Taha, Columbia Global Centers | It will also work in coordination with Turkey.

Architect Selva Gürdoğan is the director of Studio-X Istanbul, which will bring together the best ideas for the development of the city through projects such as exhibitions, competitions, workshops, publications, shows and panels.

First year in weight research projects

Studio-X Istanbul will devote its first year mainly to research projects. The initiative, which will try to ask new questions about the city, will work on urban health and walkability, a topical issue that many designers are working on. Projects on the city and memory will be carried out, involving both artists and students of architecture and urbanism.

Referring to the importance of Studio-X being in Istanbul, Columbia University Faculty of Architecture Dean Mark Wigley said, “Istanbul is a very generous city. Whichever street of the city you dig, you discover a new civilization. This magnificent, multi-layered place that produces new theories of thinking about the architectural environment and new ways of sharing with our colleagues from all over the world is more than an opportunity for us, it is a responsibility. It is an honor for us to be here,” he said.

First Exhibition: Architectural Spaces as a Collection Object

The “city laboratory” will open its doors for the first time with the opening hosted by Columbia University Faculty of Architecture Dean Mark Wigley and Studio-X Istanbul Director Selva Gürdoğan on Friday, November 8th.

The first exhibition of Studio-X Istanbul, 'Collecting Architecture Territories', will be presented to the city's agenda with the opening. Exhibition; A research and education project that aims to evaluate the scope and diversity of institutions and foundations originating from private art collections, which have increased in number in the last 30 years, and to map their effects on museology and collection formation.

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