The scientists of Çukurova University broke new ground and invented an "aflatoxin" (poisonous mold fungus) separation machine.

The poisonous mold aflatoxin, which has the risk of being in many dried foodstuffs we eat and puts the industrialists at the customs gates in exports, is no longer a nightmare with the work of Çukurova University (ÇÜ) scientists. Scientists have invented an aflatoxin (poisonous mold fungus) separation machine, breaking new ground in Turkey.

It is known that many solutions have been used for years in order to detect aflatoxin, which has hit the economies of exporting companies and countries. In fact, some companies were losing time and labor by employing hundreds of people in large benches they set up in order to understand whether there was aflatoxin in their products, and by using the manual separation method under UV rays.

However, this poison turned out to be a nightmare thanks to the "Aflatoxin Separation Machine" invented by Çukurova University scientists. Because, thanks to this machine, it is immediately understood whether a product is poisonous and diseased products can be separated. CU Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machinery, Lecturer Prof. Dr. The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and Akyürek Technology Firm also support the project, which was implemented by the team formed under the chairmanship of Emin Güzel.

One of the team that made an important discovery, Prof. Dr. Emin Güzel stated that traditional methods that require intensive labor are used today for the separation of products containing aflatoxin, and said, “Workers work on the counters with UV lamps installed in a dark room for 8-12 hours a day and try to detect whether there is aflatoxin in the products passing through the belts. This manual separation technique not only reduces the working efficiency, but also negatively affects the health of workers exposed to light for a long time. In addition, due to the distraction caused by fatigue, diseased products that need to be separated can be overlooked. We have developed a UV light-based sorting machine so that toxic products are not overlooked, faster sorting can be done and human power will be used less. Thanks to this machine, many negative conditions will be eliminated.”


Pointing out that aflatoxin, which is formed by the sun and air contact of dry food products, causes many dangerous diseases, especially cancer, Prof. Dr. Güzel stated that these diseases can be prevented thanks to the “Aflatoxin Product Sorting Machine”, which is the first in Turkey.

prof. Dr. Working with Emin Güzel and starting the project as a thesis subject in 2009, the thesis student Dr. Barış Özlüoymak stated that as a result of this work they developed with camera systems and software, aflatoxin-containing products returning from customs gates will be eliminated.

Giving information about the working principle of the machine, which is in the process of patenting, Dr. Barış Özlüoymak said, “The Aflatoxin Separation Machine consists of advanced cameras, image processing, automation software, a pneumatic separation unit and a belt system where the product is transported. With the system we have created, if aflatoxin is detected among the products moving at the appropriate speed on the UV light band, the separation arm of the device is activated and the product is removed from the band. Thus, your error rate is reduced to zero.”

aflatoxin machine


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