The inspection of products such as detergents, pool chemicals, strong acid bases, toothbrushes and hygienic paper is now under the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazıcı stated that inspections of products such as toys, detergents, pacifiers, feeding bottles, pool chemicals, strong acid bases, toothbrushes and hygienic paper will be carried out by the ministry as of today.

In his written statement, Yazıcı stated that 9 communiqués and 1 regulation indicating that the inspection authority regarding the products in question passed from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Customs and Trade were published in the Official Gazette.

Stating that the domestic market inspections of toys and the conformity inspections of the others both in the domestic market and in the import phase will be carried out by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Yazıcı noted that the "zero tolerance for unsafe product" policies are also valid for new product groups and the sectors under their inspection.

Emphasizing that the determined attitude they have shown in market surveillance and control in the past years will also be displayed in the supervision of these product groups, Yazıcı continued as follows:

“In addition, it is planned to carry out a comprehensive inspection program in the sectors to which the products in question belong. Our Ministry will operate both the notification mechanism before placing on the market and the inspection mechanism while on the market for new products falling under its responsibility, and it plans to ensure the safety of all registered or unregistered products circulating in the market.

It is planned to establish an effective market surveillance and control mechanism in the market regarding these products, especially through the inspectors of our Ministry, and to carry out inspections and inspections at every point where these products are offered to the market.”



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