Solar-powered mobile phone charging stations in Bursa

The leader of the insulation industry, Filli Boya Yalıtım – Capatect, offers mobile phone charging stations working with solar energy, developed to draw attention to how easy it is to access renewable energy sources, to the service of Bursa residents.
Mobile Phone Charging Stations Working with Solar Energy will be installed in the Agora Market area and Merinos Energy Museum for the first time in Bursa.

Nilüfer Mayor Mustafa Bozbey and Filli Boya Market Development Manager Seyhan Ayhan will attend the opening, which will be held on Tuesday, November 19 at 14:00 in the Agora Market area.
The opening of the station at the Merinos Energy Museum will take place on Thursday, November 21 at 14:00 with the participation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Recep Altepe.

Thanks to the charging stations working with solar energy, Bursa residents will have the opportunity to charge more than one phone and electrical goods with USB connection at the same time. The stations will continue to serve at night and on sunless days with the electrical energy accumulated on the battery in sunny times. In addition, it will allow mobile phones to function by providing service during general power cuts in natural disasters such as earthquakes.
Capatect draws attention to how easily we can adapt solar energy to our daily lives with its "Solar Charging Stations", which allow free charging of mobile phones and all electronic devices that are charged via USB with solar energy.
Accelerating its sustainability journey in 2013 and being the most environmentally friendly brand in the insulation sector, Capatect contributes to energy savings and therefore to reducing environmental pollution, with its efforts to transfer the clean and healthy environmental heritage we have received from the past to future generations.


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