Israel continues to build its energy infrastructure on renewable resources…

Israel is preparing to open the 5th largest solar power plant in the world, in the process it started to build its energy infrastructure on renewable resources. Israel has launched a major project in the Negev Desert to be completed in 2016. The solar power plant, which will cost 1.1 billion dollars, will produce 121 MW of electricity when completed.

Israel, which plans to build a total of three power plants of the same size, will produce the energy required for 40 thousand households with a single power plant. 250 MW of energy to be produced by the three power plants corresponds to 2.5 percent of Israel's total energy consumption. By 2020, Israel plans to obtain 10% of its energy needs from renewable sources.

The facility, which will be built by the US company Brightsource, will resemble a 'sunray farm' consisting of heliostat mirrors. The solar rays that will be reflected from the mirrors will be transferred to the solar energy towers. The rays will be converted into steam and turbines will also generate electricity.

The project, in which Brightsource will cooperate with French Alstom, will be the second largest facility to be built by the company, after the 344 MW Ivanpah facility in California's Mojave Desert.


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