Kırıkkale University Chemistry Department Starts Project to Develop New Drugs

Kırıkkale University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Under the chairmanship of Nuran Işıklan, a project was initiated to develop new drugs in Turkey. The project named 'Synthesis of Stimulus Responding Copolymers and Their Use in Transdermal and Oral Drug Delivery Systems' was supported by TÜBİTAK.

Assoc. Dr. Nuran Işıklan, in her statement on the subject, stated that the purpose of the search for new drugs is to increase the quality of life of the patient along with the treatment. Işıklan said that reducing the dose of the drug, extending the dosing interval, eliminating side and harmful effects and even sending the drug to the target area are among the goals of the project. Explaining that controlled release systems are especially suitable for drugs with many side effects such as anticancer drugs, Işıklan said, “There are 3 models of applications in the project, including transdermal systems, colon-targeted oral systems and smart copolymers.” said.

Assoc. Dr. Işıklan said the following about the operation of the project: “In the first part of the project, by successfully synthesizing the targeted biomaterials and defining their structures in detail, new polymers will be produced for use in chemistry, agriculture and material sciences, especially in pharmacy and medicine. It is also thought that it will contribute to the economy in the long run. In the second part of the project, it is very important that the membrane and microsphere carrier systems to be designed are an alternative to the traditional systems, especially in the fields of pharmacy and medicine. In addition, we think that it will contribute to its commercialization and transformation into real treatment strategies in the long term.”


Stating that the project can contribute to a more effective cancer treatment, Işıklan said, “Cancer has become the disease of the age now, and intensive studies are carried out abroad, especially in the USA. During my summer stay in America, I also had studies on cancer. There I worked on a project about the release of doxophycin, which is used in cancer treatment. Indeed, people invest a lot of money and do very good projects for the solution of cancer. The results we can achieve regarding cancer treatment with this project are not very big, but we can start new projects based on the results we have obtained from here. In this sense, our project is important.” he said.

Işıklan said that Turkey does not have a long history in cancer studies and that new cancer adaptation laboratories have been established. Işıklan pointed out that she has started to work on cancer drugs for the last year and continued as follows: “Cancer is dependent on many things, it is associated with many variable factors such as radiation, stress, our lifestyle and the foods we eat. In my opinion, it is much more important to do something to prevent cancer and to conduct research in this direction, rather than destroying it. But even if cancer has formed, it is important to find out how it can be destroyed without killing other cells. After this stage, it should not occur again after it is destroyed. The number of cancer patients is increasing day by day, so studies should increase at the same rate. Therefore, in order to reach better places, it is necessary to have better works with bigger projects. In addition, with this project, the training of graduate students, which is a priority for our country, will be realized and it will contribute to gaining specialized manpower in these leading fields.”



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