2013 thousand 2 personnel will be recruited with KPSS 11/415, applications are between 18 November and 27 November.

Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik gave information about the KPSS 2013/2 placements. Çelik said on his Twitter account, “We conveyed the placement request of 2013 public institutions and organizations to ÖSYM for a total of 2 positions and positions in KPSS 182/11.415 Placements...
Approximately 21% of the total staff and positions requested are at secondary education level, 21% at associate degree and 58% at undergraduate level.
I wish good luck to the candidates who will choose in the November Placements.”

As it is known, applications for 2013/2 KPSS preference procedures will be received between 18 November and 27 November.

According to the 2013 KPSS Placement calendar, 18 public institutions and organizations requested placements for a total of 27 thousand 2013 positions and positions in the 2013/2 placements, where preferences will be taken between 182-11 November 428. Approximately 21 percent of the demanded staff and positions are at secondary education level, 21 percent at associate degree level, and 58 percent at undergraduate level.

The distribution of these cadres and positions by public institutions and organizations is as follows: “Institutions subject to Decree No. 190 (excluding universities) 10 thousand 169, universities 413, local administrations 331, State Economic Enterprises 495 and 7 others.”

The distribution of the total staff requested by service classes is as follows: “Health and allied health services class 7 thousand 360, general administration services class 2 thousand 112, technical services class 1235, attorney services class 99, auxiliary services class 113 and education services class. 1 pc.”

The distribution of SOE positions according to their educational status was determined as 27 in secondary education, 146 in associate degree, and 335 in undergraduate.



Source: Officers


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