The Matrix is ​​no longer an imagination….

US technologist Kevin Kelly, who inspired the scenario of the famous science fiction movie The Matrix, talked about the technologies of the future at the Turkcell Summit. “On The Matrix, the screenwriters took advantage of my childhood dreams a lot,” Kelly said.

US technologist Kevin Kelly, who is famous for his predictions about future technologies, stated that cars will be driverless in a few years and said, “The time spent driving will disappear. Automobiles will also become an office,” he said.

The second day of the Turkcell Technology Summit was marked by the famous US technologist Kevin Kelly, who inspired the famous sci-fi movie The Matrix. Sharing his views on the technologies of the future, Kelly drew attention to the fact that robots will now handle all kinds of workforce, “This way, the costs will be minimized and the error rates will be eliminated. For example, cars will now be driven by robots. People will not lose time while driving and cars will become offices. This will also reduce accident rates to zero. Also, there will be no need for pilots for airplanes," he said.

1 million robots will buy

Kelly said that Foxconn, which produces in 13 factories in China and employs 1 million people for the world's largest technology giants such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Dell, will purchase 10 million robots in 1 years to minimize the cost.

I've always read science fiction

Answering Today's questions after the conference, Kelly said that the most important technological inventions came from children's imaginations. Saying that he always read science fiction in his childhood, Kelly said, “The technology used in The Matrix also came from my childhood dreams. They benefited a lot from me in the script,” she informed.

Prepare for the impossible

Kelly, who inspired the movie Matrix, which was released in 1999 and is among the legends among the science fiction films, stated that “We should be ready for the impossible and said, “The world's greatest inventions have not been found yet. We are still at the beginning of the road," he said.

New technology comes out of the environment

Expressing that he is very impressed by what's going on here every time he comes to Turkey, Kelly said, “New technologies always come from the periphery, not from the center. Perhaps we should turn our heads here for the next worldwide "big thing". The company that will change our lives may be Turkcell," he said.





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