Electric current was produced through microwave signals.

An electric current was produced with the power to charge the mobile phone through microwave signals. A team from Duke University in the USA says that the technology they use is as effective as solar energy panels. In the setup created by the team, meta-materials were used that collect wave energy in different forms and convert them into different applications. Metamaterials are artificial materials that exhibit properties not found in nature.

American researchers emphasized that in the future, satellite, sound or wi-fi waves can be produced and used for this purpose.

Using fiberglass and copper conductors on the circuit board, the researchers converted microwaves into 7,3 volts of electricity. A charger with a USB port for mobile phones and cameras provides 5 volts.

“We were aiming to achieve the highest energy efficiency we could achieve,” said team member Allen Hawkes. With this design, the energy conversion reached 37 percent, reaching the level of solar energy panels.” says.

The team of three believes that this technology could become a feature used in mobile phones in the future, thus enabling wireless charging of these devices.

In addition, it is assumed that energy can be collected through waves emitted from base stations in regions where there is no electricity.

A detailed report on the subject will be published in the journal Applied Physics Letters in December.



Source : Hurriyet

Günceleme: 14/11/2013 21:35

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