It is reported that oil and gas deposits are found in the researches of Norwegian experts in the Ioannina Sea in Greece.

It is reported that new oil and gas deposits have been found in new researches by Norwegian experts in the Ioannina Sea in Greece. According to the results of the seismic research conducted by the Norwegian company PGS in the Ioannina Sea, there are new natural gas and oil deposits in the Ioannina Sea.

PGS company made a presentation to the oil industrialists in Athens by compiling the old seismic survey data that it conducted in the Ioannina Sea and in the southern offshore of Crete in an area of ​​12 thousand 500 kilometers and the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change in an area of ​​​​8 thousand 500 kilometers in the past. made.
In the presentation, information about five seismic lines on which data analysis was completed was given. All five lines are in the Ioannina Sea, the first is in the northwest part of the Amvrakikos Gulf, the second is near the maritime borders with Albania, the third is between the southwest of the Peloponissos and the Italian maritime borders, the fourth is off the coast of Katakolo and the fifth is northwest of Kerkira.
40 staff members from 150 major oil companies and representatives of investment institutions from 120 countries attended the event where the presentation was made.

Some of the world-famous oil companies participating in the presentation held in Athens are as follows: Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, E.ON, Noble Energy, Gazprom, RWE, Adlat Investment, Anna Energy, Circle Oil plc, Hunt Oil Company of Romania, ANCAP, Joshua Capital, TPAO, Spectrum, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, Petronas, Blabourn Geo Consulting, energy ministries of Nigeria and Afghanistan.

PGS company experts stated that there are hydrocarbon resources similar to oil and natural gas deposits in Italy and Albania, especially in the north of the Ioannina Sea.
Norwegian experts, regarding the southern part of Crete Island, stated that this region has not been studied yet, and that all the results obtained from the seismic surveys will be examined until 2013.
On the other hand, oil companies are expected to start purchasing data from 2014 onwards.

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