Polyurethane & Composites Fair will take place on 14-16 November at Istanbul Expo Center.

Putech Eurasia & Eurasian Composites Show 2013, the biggest meeting of Polyurethane and Composite Industries in Eurasia, will take place on 14-16 November at Istanbul Expo Center. You are all invited to this great meeting…

Putech Eurasia, the 3rd Polyurethane Industry Fair where polyurethane chemicals, polyurethane coating and adhesives, polyurethane molds and systems, polyurea applications, RIM-integral polyurethane system products will be exhibited, and Composite Chemicals, intermediate products, machinery equipment and final products will be exhibited simultaneously. Industry and Production Technologies Fair Eurasian Composites Show 2013 is getting ready to open its doors on 14-16 November 2013 in Istanbul Expo Center 9th and 10th Halls.

The meeting point of the polyurethane industry, which continued on its way with a growth of 2011% compared to 25, is on its way to become the most important “Polyurethane and Composite Platform” of its region in 50 with a foreign participant rate of over 2013% by adding the composite industry to its structure.

Organized by Artkim Fuarcılık, which has made a name for itself in the sector with the various fairs it organizes in the field of chemistry, these two fairs unite local and foreign sector professionals under the same roof, keeping the pulse of the sector and mediating the most effective promotion of companies in the sector, enabling new agreements, new initiatives and new business partnerships to be established.

Visitors to the fair visit the exhibitors from all over the world at their stands, and visit the transportation and automotive industry, furniture industry, construction-construction and insulation industry, cooling industry, shoes and slippers industry, coating and adhesives, biomedical applications, textile industry, corrugated cardboard, iron. -steel industry, energy industry, mining industry, PU applications, aerospace-defense industry, household appliances and work equipment (manufacturing industry), consumer goods and sports-entertainment industry, corrosion-resistant products, electrical-electronics industry, maritime industry, military applications, agriculture-food sector etc. In addition to having the opportunity to meet with the manufacturers and distributors that supply raw materials, systems, machinery, equipment and technology to many main sectors and other corporate customers during the fair, in the Workshop Area established in the fair area, by participating in the presentations made by local and foreign participant companies and universities, to gain technical knowledge. They will get the chance to see the exhibition consisting of Polyurethane and Composite Final Products in the Showroom area created at the exhibition center.

Do not miss Putech Eurasia & Eurasian Composites Show 2013 if you want to take part in this great meeting of the Polyurethane and Composite Industries, get to know the new products of the companies participating in the fair, see the latest production equipment and technologies, and strengthen your sectoral connections and experience!



Source : Hurriyet

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