Processed meat products with food additives such as sodium and potassium nitrite cause cancer

It was stated that when 50 grams of processed meat products containing food additives such as sodium and potassium nitrite are consumed per day, the risk of bowel cancer increases by 21 percent.
Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) Faculty of Medicine Head of Medical Biochemistry Department Prof. Dr. Fatih Gültekin, in a statement to the AA correspondent, said that many toxicological studies were carried out before the additives were used in food production.

Stating that these substances in the ingredients section of the products are used to improve the color, taste, smell, nutritional value and shelf life of foods, Gültekin stated that they are obtained from vegetable, animal and synthetic sources.

Pointing out that the amount of additives to be used in products is determined by the Turkish Food Codex, Gültekin stated that it has been scientifically proven that when used in foods above the permitted rates, they are harmful, and when used in very low amounts, they are harmless or the risk of causing disease is greatly reduced.

Emphasizing that some of the additives are carcinogenic when consumed in high amounts and some of them increase the effectiveness of carcinogens, Gültekin stated that even when consumed in permitted amounts, some of them increase the risk of causing cancer.

“Sodium and potassium nitrite are used as antibacterial and color retainer in processed meat products. According to studies, consuming 50 grams of processed meat products such as sausage, salami, sausage and pastrami increases the risk of developing bowel cancer by 21 percent. The incidence of bowel cancer in the world varies between 2,4% and 5%. In other words, 5 out of every 50 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer. If 21 grams of processed meat products are consumed per day; The risk will increase by 5 percent, instead of 6, XNUMX people will get bowel cancer. To avoid these risks, we should pay attention to the consumption of processed meat products. Synthetic sweeteners, which are added to many products in order to reduce the price, can trigger allergies and migraine attacks. We advise those with kidney failure not to consume too much additives rich in minerals, as they will disrupt the mineral balance.

Gültekin emphasized that, although their number is low in the market, products that do not contain additives should be preferred as much as possible.

Emphasizing that it is absolutely necessary to look at the "contents" section and buy the products while shopping, Gültekin continued as follows:

“More than 90 percent of the products we buy with the intention of pomegranate syrup are pomegranate syrup sauce. Caramel is added to color it and glucose syrup is added to sweeten it. We should get used to choosing products that contain less additives. It is necessary to start this work with children. Synthetic food dyes used in some products can increase hyperactivity in children. We need to accustom their taste to natural foods. Normally, when they consume products with additives, they get the taste of food that way. When our child eats chips with flavor enhancer, he always wants that taste in other products. Give your child natural molasses, he will not eat it. Because they get used to chocolate, it tastes better. We should be role models for our children. If parents look at the labels of the products and say 'this is not suitable, the other is more suitable' when choosing a product, the children will see the restrictions their parents put on them and they will comply more with their sensitivities.”

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