At last its meaning is resolved, “Hall of Light” caused by static electricity

The meaning was finally resolved, the “Hall of Light” caused by static electricity The only beautiful thing that could be seen on a battlefield could not be named for a long time. It also stunned everyone when it was first seen.

As interesting as the formation of a rainbow in the sky, this phenomenon eventually became the "Kopp-Etchells effect". However, it was not easy to view.

Some soldiers serving in Afghanistan, who mentioned that a halo of light formed around the propeller during the landing of a helicopter in a desert or a sandy area, was not taken seriously at first, and even thought that they "had an illusion created by the stress of war".

Eventually, a few scientists came out to take these reports seriously and confirmed that those soldiers were not hallucinating, but were witnessing a completely rare physical phenomenon.

Scientists examined the phenomenon and explained the reason as "static electricity" and said that many parameters had to come together for this halo of light to form.

Scientists who said that the static electricity generated as a result of the sand grains hitting the propeller at a certain speed creates a halo of light, said, "You have to be very lucky to be able to observe this."

halo of light


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