Syria asked the UN to investigate Turkey, Subject: "Providing Chemical Weapons Material"

Syria, citing the indictment of the chemical substance smuggling case in Adana as evidence, accused Turkey of supplying chemical weapons to the opposition and demanded an investigation from the UN.

In Syria, the Assad administration brought its claims about Turkey to the United Nations. In the article sent on November 7, it is claimed that “the material used in the chemical attacks carried out by the opposition in Syria was supplied from Turkey and that Turkey allowed this chemical material to be transferred to Syria”.

The Damascus administration, together with the opposition, blamed Turkey for the chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta on 21 August.

Claiming that the weapons entered from Turkey and the Turkish government tolerated it, Syria applied to the UN on the charge of "supporting terrorism" and demanded an investigation.

Syria cited the indictment of a previous operation in Adana as a basis for the investigation it requested from the UN.

In the article, in which the Arabic copies of the indictment were added, the statements of the defendants were cited as evidence.

The Turkish authorities were asked why some of the defendants named in the indictment were released for a while.



Source : cnnturk

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