It is in our hands to extend the battery life of our phone. "Battery Calibration is the most important"

Battery time, which is the biggest problem of smartphone users, is no longer a problem with some methods applied.
Owning a smartphone means keeping a charger with you when you leave the house, no matter which brand or model you use. These smart devices, which make the lives of their users easier, also bring many problems due to low battery times. When the battery level drops below 20 percent for a smartphone user, alarm bells start to ring. The methods of extending the battery life developed by technology enthusiasts are very useful.


Applications running constantly in the background and using Wi-Fi or 3G when internet connection is not needed causes the battery to run out quickly. Closing these applications not only makes the charge last longer, but also returns speed to your device. You can also contribute to the life of your battery by reducing the screen brightness, which is another anti-charge feature of your phone, and by deactivating applications that try to detect your location. Another recommended method for a long battery life is to put the phone in airplane mode and turn off notifications when your battery is low. Although instant notifications from social network and various applications help you catch up with life, they are the biggest enemies of your battery. Contrary to what is known, waiting for the current battery to run out to charge the phone is also history. This method, which works on devices that cannot be considered smart, is not available for new phones. Even to charge the phone, it is recommended not to wait for the battery to run out and to charge the phone when the level drops to 40 percent. It is also necessary to calibrate the battery at certain intervals in order to have a long battery life. After the battery calibration, which means restoring the battery to its former performance, with some actions applied in battery problems experienced in smartphones, there is a noticeable increase in the performance of the devices.


It is also useful not to use the phone and, if possible, to put it in airplane mode while performing the battery calibration process, which is also recommended by authorized services. The steps of battery calibration are as follows: “When the charge level is at 1 percent, charge the device connected to the charger for half an hour after the charge LED turns green, and then turn off the phone. While it is off, connect it to the charger and let it charge until the green LED lights up and continue charging for half an hour even though the green LED is on. As the last step, turn the phone off the charger and charge it until half an hour after the green LED turns on. Now you will have completed the calibration process of your phone and increased your battery performance.”



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