The great success of the Turkish scientist "has succeeded in showing the effect of light on electrons in 3D".

The great success of the Turkish scientist "has succeeded in showing the effect of light on electrons in 3D". Nuh Gedik, who works as an associate professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the best universities in the world, and his team succeeded in imaging the effects of light by sending it onto a substance, thanks to the very special imaging technology they developed.

Nuh Gedik said about his work: "We were able to record the changes in the energy levels of electrons in one quadrillionth of a second in three dimensions, using very fast laser lights and a camera that we developed that can take special three-dimensional shots."

Noting that his discoveries may have many different applications, Gedik states that it may be possible "in the future" to design new materials with desired properties using only light.

Nuh Gedik said, “Normally, in order to change the properties of materials, for example, to transform them from a conductor to an insulator, from a light-transmitting material to a non-transparent material, it is necessary to change that substance by chemical means. In fact, it is necessary to change another compound, its composition. But with this method, it is possible to change the properties of that material by changing the energy levels of that material by simply sending light on it without the need for this, even without touching it at all.

Stating that the cost of the equipment of the project is around 1 million dollars, Gedik said that they have been working on the project for about 5 years. Nuh Gedik won a bronze medal in the World Physics Olympics, which he attended as a representative of Turkey, while he was studying at Istanbul Science High School. Gedik, who graduated from Boğaziçi University Physics Department, which he entered as the 7th in Turkey, with the first place in 3 years, received the title of associate professor in the United States last year. Nuh Gedik is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the American National Science Foundation Career Award.

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