They grow plants in the garden of the university and process their essences to produce high quality perfumes...

Selçuk University (SU) Çumra Vocational Yüksekoğlu students produce high quality perfumes by processing the extracts of the plants they grow in the school garden in laboratories.
School Principal Assoc. Dr. Fatih Er, in his statement, stated that the students produced perfumes bearing their names from the plants they grew in the garden of the school.
Stating that there are students at every stage of the plants, from the production to the laboratory and bottling process, Er said that by taking the essence from the plant and creating their own unique mixtures, unique scents are obtained again.
Head of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Department Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Gümüşçü pointed out that they produced more than 500 medicinal and aromatic plants in the 100 square meter garden of the school.

– There are students at every stage of production
Explaining that the students turned the theoretical knowledge given in winter into practice with the coming of spring.

Gumuscu said:
“In our garden we created at school, each student grows one or several kinds of plants in the 3 square meter area they are responsible for. These plants are not genetically modified. Some of these plants, which are all natural, are used in perfume production. Perfume essence is very expensive in the world today and our students produce it themselves. They reveal the scents that they named after themselves. Since we are not a commercial institution, we cannot sell perfumes. In addition to perfume, we also produce medicinal plants and herbal teas. Here, we train qualified personnel that the industry needs. Students take part in every stage of production, from the garden to the laboratory. This makes our graduates more qualified. Our graduates can easily find jobs.”

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