Fundamental changes are coming in the fuel and LPG sectors

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) is withdrawing from the fuel and LPG sectors. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will handle the licensing and license cancellation procedures in these sectors. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources opened the 'Draft Fuel Market Draft Law' to the fuel and LPG sectors at the meeting held in Bolu last Saturday. According to the draft, regulations regarding the fuel market are included in the duties of the Ministry of Energy. Petroleum Market Law and LPG Market Law are repealed. According to the draft, license, independent storage and dealer activity permits will not be given to those who have a finalized conviction for smuggling.


REFINERY CAN BE DISTRIBUTOR: Refinery license holders will be able to establish a fuel distribution company.

AT THE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY: Supervision of fuel market activities will be carried out by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. For this purpose, the Ministry may outsource services.

OTOGAZA NATIONAL MARKER: The national marker will be applied to all fuels except autogas LPG, autogas LNG and autogas CNG.

PROMOTIONAL FREE: The promotion application, which was removed a while ago, is also being liberalized again. However, the participation of the dealers in the campaign will be optional.

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