Solution proposal for increasing power cuts “Storing Energy in the Form of Water”

Firat University Lecturer Dr. Cihat Tuna emphasized that power cuts can be prevented by storing energy in the form of water. Cihat Tuna stated that pumped storage hydroelectric power plants (HEPPs) have an important role in this sense and said:

“If there were HEPPs with pumped storage in certain regions, there would be no interruptions. The aim here is to collect water in one place and to use it during periods of increased electricity demand. There is definitely a need for this type of HEPP in countries with intermittent renewable resources like our country. Thus, fluctuations in electricity supply and demand will be balanced and supply security will be ensured.

Pointing out that the growth figures and industrial production in Turkey have increased energy consumption, Tuna said, “The increase in electricity consumption in Turkey seems to cause significant problems after 2016. Compared to the same period last year, energy consumption has increased by around 10 percent. While electricity consumption continues to increase like this, a crisis in the energy field will be inevitable if investments to increase production and supply security are not made on time. warned. Tuna continued:

“Insufficient growth in the energy field necessitates power cuts in almost every extraordinary conditions. The main reason for the inadequacy in the field of energy can be listed as bureaucratic phases in investments, connection problems, EIA uncertainties and planning errors. The inability to find a solution to these problems in the short term slowed down the growth in energy. On the other hand, as the economy grew continuously, an imbalance became inevitable.”

Dr. Tuna suggested that an action plan be made and put into practice to prevent the energy crisis. In this context, he demanded that natural resources and storage opportunities be increased. Tuna said, “Only with domestic and renewable resources, we can free our country from shackles. Otherwise, we are faced with darkness. This affects each and every one of us deeply.” said.



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