They Produced Composite Material From Pepper Stalk…

A group of academicians from Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University (KSU) Forestry Faculty produced composite material from pepper stalks. KSU Faculty of Forestry Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Fatih Mengenoğlu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they produced composite materials by processing pepper stalks as a result of their work with 4 faculty members.

Emphasizing that they dried the pepper stems and added polymer material, Mengenoğlu said:

“38 thousand tons of pepper stalks are destroyed as waste in our region. It is ahead of the properties of the composite plastic material produced. Composite materials are ahead of some of the properties of plastic, although their properties are behind wood materials. Especially water resistant. We think that the resulting material can be used especially on the exterior, walking track, poolside and sun loungers on the beaches.”

Resistance tested

Mengenoğlu stated that pepper cultivation has an important place in the city and that the material produced is a chance for the region.

Providing information about the production process of the composite material, Mengenoğlu said, “After drying the pepper stalks, we grind them into flour. Then we add polymers and other additives and mix them in the machine, thus our new material comes out. We made test samples to determine the resistance of more products. We are demonstrating the durability of this product,” he said.

Mengenoğlu stated that the environmentally friendly feature of the composite also emerged due to the fact that the polymer content in the composite was 50 percent less.

Reminding that plastic materials remain in nature for at least 300-500 years, Mengenoğlu said, “Therefore, the degradation time of our material in nature will be faster. In this respect, I think it can be beneficial for the environment," he said.



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